project date: 09/2012

CASIO Advertisment

Creative & Production - Advertising

Louie Vito - Casio RedBulletin Ad

A spread ad for Casio's G-Shock watch featuring Louie Vito which will appear in RedBulletin's December issue in print and digital format. RedBulletin is a magazine distributed by RedBull Media. More...


project date: 04/2012

CAMP Magazine

Design & Production - Publishing

camp cover

This issue was a true labor of love. From the Death Grips to California Dreaming and some cool original artwork cementing this book. Special thanks to my sons Nick and Mike stepping in and helping with layout and production. CAMP is a free magazine distributed at the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA. More...



project date: 04/2011

CAMP Magazine

Design & Production - Publishing

camp cover

After a successful launch in 2010, I was approached to design and produce the second installment of CAMP magazine. The design is effective and helps communicate the festivals objectives: people, culture and music. CAMP is a free magazine distributed at the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA. More...



project date: 04/2011

Ghostrider 2 - Teaser art

Illustration - Entertainment

ghostrider 2 image

The goal was to capture the look of stencil street art and create an iconic image with lasting effects. I started with an .OBJ skull imported into ZBrush, added geometry to create detail, then exported the skull to Maya for lighting. The render was refined in Photoshop to achieve the right look. More...



project date: 07/2010

Neutrogena Naturals

Production Design - Packaging

naturals image


Neutrogena Naturals is the latest line of green products manufactured by Neutrogena. I was entrusted with mechanical development, die creation and color for five items. It's compliance with environmental guidelines made this project quite challenging and a great learning experience researching FDA, FSC and Good Housekeeping regulations. We used FSC approved stock and soy based inks. Great results!



project date: 05/2010

Neutrogena WET SKIN

Color and Production Design - Packaging

wetskin image


Neutrogena Wetskin is the new line of sun protection products from Neutrogena. The difficulty of this project originated in the photography, which was technical and very subtle. The images were composed in Photoshop and compensated to work well on the aluminum stock. We worked with manufacturer EXAL and after a number of tests runs we achieved succes. Vendors like Target are quick to mention the outstanding product and production design. It's selling like hotcakes.



project date: 04/2010

Neutrogena MEN'S & SPF30 LOTION

Production Design - Packaging

spf30 lotion image

Additional products assigned to me for mechanical development and color analysis. Each element had its level of difficulty like type size, silver with matte overlays or metallic effects on the component itself. Clean design and precision production make these small products, great brand identifiers for Neutrogena.




CAMP Magazine - Premier Issue

Color & Production Management - Publishing

camp cover

CAMP is a free magazine distributed at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, which takes place every spring in Indio, California. It was created as homage to the thousands of campers that have braved the elements for over a decade. I was hired to manage the production and handle the photography color. The paper is an uncoated matte stock, which made color reproduction tricky. The final product has a very natural and warm feel to it. CAMP is a free magazine distributed at the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA.




URB Magazine #158

Cover Design & Production - Publishing

camp cover

Designing the cover of what would be URB's last printed publication before going strictly digital was an honor. The approach is minimalist with a focus on the balance between type and image, a surreal black and white photograph of Kid Cudi against a mirror. More...